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Connecting Through Problem-Solving
Integrating Collaboration into Learning

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Problem-Solving Boosts Thinking Skills

Problem-Solving is the core of MathsRepublic. Video-lessons, real-time student collaboration, teacher resources and tools support problem-solving. Problems mix concepts and their outcomes are mapped to lessons for learning review and revision.

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Collaborative and engaged learning rewards you and students when small groups are given names and added under the Classes tab. Pairs work best but no more than four to a group. Set Tasks and have each Group present to the class.
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You start with the Problems. They are designed to develop critical and creative thinking skills. They are not topic-centric. Approach each problem as an exploration. Discover connections. Each problem is a scenario and ranges in complexity. Try different strategies and always draw a diagram whenever appropriate. Problems span the Australian Curriculum.

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YES, I'm a progressive Teacher ready to leap onto the learning pathway of today's students.

Thinking Skills
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